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Manufacturing Today 
Strong Savings: JMPP's High Torque Retention Knobs Benefit Clients
April 2019 PDF
Gear Solutions  Streamlining Safety for High-Speed/Small Footprint Milling Machine March 2019  PDF
Industry Today Gunning for Productivity at the Spindle  January 2019 PDF
Aerospace Manufacturing  Safe, High-Speed Milling  December 2018 PDF
New Equipment Digest  Streamlining Safety for Milling Machines  November 2018 PDF
Advanced Manufacturing High Torque Retention Provides Stability for Machining Exotic Metals  October 2018 PDF
Industry Today Safety For High Speed Small Footprint Milling Machines October 2018 PDF
Manufacturing News  Spindle Kit News Release October 2018 PDF
Cutting Tool Engineering Keep Machining Circle Unbroken  October 2018 
Industrial Machinery Digest High Torque Stability: Key For Exotic Materials At The Spindle September 2018 PDF
Industrial Process Products & Technology High Torque retention knobs solve production problems August 2018 PDF
Modern Machine Shop With Retention Knobs, Shop Sets Sight on Aerospace Machining August 2018 PDF
Design World Taper shank test fixture provides mill productivity, tool performance August 2018 PDF
Industry Today JM Performance Products' Taper Shank Test Fixture: Taking the Toolholder Test June 2018 PDF
Production Machining Taper Shank Test Fixture Tests For Deformities July 2018 PDF
Modern Machine Shop Testing Gage Checks for Toolholder Expansion June 2018 PDF
Plant Engineering JM Performance Products' Taper Shank Test Fixture June 2018 PDF
U.S. Tech Online  JM Performance Products: High-Torque Retention Knob June 2018 PDF 
U.S. Tech Magazine High-Torque Retention Knob from JM Performance Products June 2018 PDF 
Production Engineering Solutions Keeping the Spindle Clean April 2018 PDF
GEAR Solutions A Competitive Edge Starts at the Spindle  April 2018  PDF 
Medal Mecania Pequenos ajustes, grandes ahorros (Small Adjustments, Great Savings) Article published in Spanish April/May 2018  PDF 
Production Machining Clean Spindles Increase Productivity and Reduce Breakdowns  April 2018  PDF
Consumables Magazine High-torque Retention Knobs Help Machining Centers Optimize Toolholder Productivity  April 2018 PDF
Fabricating Product News Unique Spindle-Retention Knobs Optimize Machine Center Productivity April 2018  PDF
Today's Industrial Products Is a Small Design Flaw Robbing Milling Operations Productivity? April 2018 PDF 
Consumable Magazine Simple Solution-High Torque Retention Knob Help Machining Centers Optimize Toolholder Productivity April 2018 PDF
Medical Design Briefs Running Titanium and Other Exotic Metals at Faster Speeds April 2018 PDF 
Process Engineering When Retention is the Best Cure for Machine Downtime March 2018 PDF 
GEAR Solutions Company Profile JM Performance Products March 2018 PDF 
Industry Today  CNC Job Shops Capitalize on High Torque Competitive Edge at the Spindle  March 2018 PDF 
The Job Shop Company U.S. Reshoring: A Collaborative Challenge - Manufacturing Experts Answer 5 Questions on How to Turn the Tide March 2018 PDF 
Manufacturing News - Midwest Hydraulic Clamp Force Gauge Fixture Optimizes Drawbar Force March 2018 PDF
American Machinist Turning to High Torque Retention Knobs February 2018 PDF
UAS Magazine Aerospace Manufacturers Eliminate Weak Link in Aero Machining January 2018  PDF
GEAR Solutions JM Performance Products' Kits Optimize Productivity January 2018  PDF
AirMaintenance Update Machining at High Speed  (Page 16) Dec/Jan 2018 PDF
IMPO Magazine Is a Small Design Flaw Robbing Milling Operations Productivity? December 2017  PDF 
Industry Today Leaving Downtime in the Dust Improves ROI December 2017  PDF
Industrial Supply Magazine JM Performance Spindle Cleaner Kit  December 2017  PDF 
Manufacturing Tomorrow Cling’s Aerospace Eliminates the “Weakest Link” in Aerospace Machining November 2017  PDF
Advanced Manufacturing Reshoring: Q&A Analysis of Intangibles on Returing Production Sourcing to the US November 2017 PDF 
Design 2 Part Magazine Is a Small Design Flaw Robbing Manufacturers of Valuable Time and Productivity in Milling Operations?  October 2017 PDF 
Design 2 Part Magazine U.S. Reshoring: A Collaborative Challenge September 2017 PDF 
Today's Medical Developments Returning Jobs to the US September 2017 PDF 
Industry Today JM Performance Products' Versatile Patented Hydraulic Clamp Force Gage Fixture Optimizes Drawbar Force & Eliminates Downtime  September 2017 PDF
The Goods Is a Small Design Flaw Robbing Manufacturers of Valuable Time and Productivity in Milling Operations? (Page 36) September 2017
New Equipment Digest Is This Design Flaw Reducing Machine Shop Productivity?  August 2017 PDF
MoldMaking Technology What if a Small Investment Could Increase Your Milling Productivity? August 2017 PDF
Production Machining Overcoming Toolholder Deformation with High-Torque Retention Knobs August 2017 PDF
Today's Motor Vehicles Returning Jobs to the US, Reshoring Initiative Expert Q&A with JM Performance Products August 2017 PDF
American Machinist Is This Design Flaw Reducing Machine Shop Productivity? August 2017 PDF
Shop Metalworking Technology Overcoming Toolholder Design Flaw for 15-20% Productivity Gain August 2017 PDF
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Overcoming Toolholder Deformation July 2017 PDF
Cutting Tool Engineering A High-Torque Conversion (Page 95) July 2017 PDF 
Modern Application News Patented High Torque Retention Knobs the Solution to Shop's Milling Center Woes June 2017 PDF 
The Industrial Equipment News Engineered Solution Decreases Maching Center Woes May/June 2017 PDF
Design World High Torque Retention Knobs Fix Toolholder Deformation  May 2017  
Fabricating & Metalworking High Torque Retention Knobs Increase Productivity, Reduce Downtime May 2017 PDF 
Manufacturing Automation Engineering Shop See Boosted Productivity After Installing High-Torque Retention Knobs April 2017 PDF
Industrial Machinery Digest JM Performance Product's Patented High Torque Retention Knobs Spearhead Productivity & Reshoring Solution Quarter 2 2017 PDF 
Older Articles and Publications

Cutting Tool EngineeringRetention Knob Reduces Polishing TimeOctober 2015 
AMTDA Tool TalkJ&M Machine Helps Manufacturers Increase Tool Life ROIFebruary 2012
Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Finding Precision in Unexpected Places2010
Modern Machine Shop The Knob ProblemJune 2009


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