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We are the only manufacturer of the High Torque Retention Knob
   Our patented High Torque Retention Knobs are specially designed to prevent toolholder 
   expansion.  This will increase tool-life and reduce run-out.

Our Retention Knobs out-perform the competition
   JM Performance Products Retention Knobs are shot-peened to relieve stress in the material, remove burrs, 
   radius corners, and improve the finish of the knob.  This process improves the durability, 
   extends the life and reduces the likelihood of cracking.

Our Retention Knobs have better finishes
   JM Performance Products Retention Knobs have better fineshes than are required by International standards.
  We keep high-standard inspection records
  Written inspection records are kept on every work order/lot number we manufacture.

Private Labels

Private labels help ensure a reorder. We offer private labeling on all of our products for distributors. We do not require minimums or charge extra for private labels.  

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