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Retention Knob Features

Made from hot rolled 8620H or 9310 fine grain steel
Black oxided to prevent rust                 
Shot peened to relieve stress 
Deburred with radius corners for better finish
Hard turned after heat treating

JM Retention Knobs
outperform the competition


Our Knobs are...
Made in the USA with material from the USA  
Laser marked with month/year of purchase to  help determine life span
Laser marked with part number and serial number for traceability
Written inspection records on every manufacturing lot  
Better finishes than required by International Standards

Retention Knobs are the most critical link between tool and machine


For years the retention knob has not been looked at as a critical component. A retention knob can be your first source of chatter, poor tool life, and run out. With an increase in drawbar force, higher feed rates, and exotic materials, load forces being placed on retention knobs have greatly increased.  A common misconception is that retention knobs do not wear out. Retention knobs used under standard 8 hour shifts should be inspected regularly and replaced at least every 3 years. If the shop is running 24 hours a day, the retention knob is only good for one year.  In addition, when installing new tooling, a new retention knob should be used.

JM Performance Products' retention knobs are the highest quality retention knobs on the market. We take the extra step and expense to cut the threads on our knobs.  Our cut threads are of UNJ series and have radius thread points. Radius threads help increase the strength of the knob.

Currently we manufacture over 400 different styles of retention knobs and custom manufacture knobs for unique situations. We manufacture BT, DIN, ISO and CAT style knobs from 30 Taper to 60 Taper.


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