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Taper Shank Test Fixture   

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The Taper Shank Test Fixture is used to measure toolholder expansion.  The threads of a standard retention knob exert a force against the small end of the taper which expands the toolholder.The Taper Shank Test Fixture is used to measure this growth.  If a toolholder is expanded beyond an AT3 grind limit, it is no longer within tolerance.  A toolholder that is expanded will not properly mate with the spindle. It will be free to move in the spindle, causing harmonics, run out, spindle wear, and poor tool life.  By using a Taper Shank Test Fixture you are able to determine if your toolholders are within tolerance.

How it works:   

The Taper Shank Test Fixture is ground to mirror a CNC mill spindle taper.  The Test Fixture uses Mitutoyo gages to measure any movement in increments of 1/10,000 of an inch.  The indicators on the top of the gage measure the change of the radius of the toolholder. The indicators on the side of the gage measure any movement of the toolholder from side to side.  A toolholder that shows a growth of .0002" or less is preferred.  A toolholder that measures a growth of .0002" to .0004" should only be used for tools with axial force such as c-drills, drills, and reamers.  Any holder that shows larger growth should not be used and returned.
Please note that all toolholders should be checked when purchased. Identical toolholders can show variance when being measured. This variance between toolholders is believed to occur due to variations during the heat treating process.


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