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JM Performance Products featured on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw.


During the troubleshooting of uneven wear patterns on our CAT40 toolholders, we started analyzing spindle and toolholder runout.  We had always been torqueing pull studs and collets and were very concerned about the poor performance of our machine.  After having switched to JM's High Torque...
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High Torque Retention Knob, CAT 40; 5/8-11; 45 deg...
$ 34.11
40 Taper Test Fixture
Taper Shank Test Fixture w/case for 40 CAT, BT, DI...
$ 1,605.00
Socket for most JM CAT 40 retention knobs. Using ...
$ 75.08
ClampForce Gage Kit Cat 40
The Clampforce Gage is used to check the drawbar f...
$ 961.25

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