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JM Performance Products, Inc. was established in 1966 in Euclid, Ohio by owner John Stoneback in the basement of his grandparent’s home.  It wasn’t long before the job shop, which focused on precision defense parts, out-grew the basement and had to locate to new facilities. Operating as J&M Machine, Inc., the company quickly gained the reputation of being a stereotypical job shop, dedicated to being a model shop leader for manufacturing development and quality control of precision turned parts.

Continued growth and equipment acquisitions mandated the need for a larger facility.  The company’s new and current home was constructed in 1991.  Located on 6 acres in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, the facility is designed to allow for expansion and growth, as well as paperless manufacturing. 

John Stoneback identified an inherent design flaw in V-Flange tooling.  Working with his Engineering and Manufacturing team, he designed and patented a new, improved retention knob design to remedy the flaw.  The design process also spawned the patented Taper Shank Test Fixture.  The improved High Torque© retention knobs eliminate the toolholder expansion, the product of the flawed V-Flange tooling design.

As the retention knob business grew, J&M changed their business model from a job shop to manufacturing their own products.  To cement this identity, the company changed its name officially in 2013 to JM Performance Products.   

Dedicated to being the industry leader in milling machine optimization, the company strives to be competitive in today’s market by being better than the best of its competitors.  With an eye on the future of manufacturing at all times, the company continues to refine its processes, technologies, equipment, and methodology.