• J&M Machine on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw

  • Spindle Optimization Product overview

  • Touch Off Test

    Are your toolholders fully engaged in the spindle of your CNC milling machine? Most manufacturing problems are a result of tooling issues. Follow these steps to check for tooling issues. View a step-by-step guide to our Toolholder Test.

  • High Torque Retention Knob Installation

    Proper installation is key when installing retention knobs.  Tighter is not better!  Watch our demonstration to learn how to correctly install High Torque Retention Knobs.

  • Spindle Restoration Kit

    Oil, chips, and dirt can build up in the spindle, causing harmonics and poor tool life.  JM's Spindle Cleaner and Refinishing Kits can clean and remove build-up in the spindle.

  • Spindle Cleaning Kit

    JM spindle cleaners and refinishers are used to remove buildup between the toolholder and the spindle. Material and grease can create harmonics and interfere with tool changes.

  • Clamp Force Gage

    JM Performance Products' Clampforce Gage is the easiest way to check drawbar force.  This video shows how to change adapters and how to check drawbar force.

  • Retention Knob 101

    All things retention knob and why they are important.

  • Prevent Tool Holder Expansion

    A quick preview of JM Performance Products with an overview on how High Torque Retention Knobs prevent tool holder expansion and reduce harmonics.

  • 2015 Fast Track 50

    JMPP was awarded the Fast Track 50 Game Changer Award for demonstrating cutting edge thought in manufacturing. We are very honored to receive this award, and we invite you to watch our video.