Spindle Cleaners

Each Spindle Cleaning Kit is shipped complete with:

  • Carrying Case
  • Spindle Cleaner Anodized Aluminum Head
  • Spindle Cleaner Removable Handle
  • 16 oz Spray Application Bottle
  • 16 oz Bottle of Degreaser
  • Felt Strips
  • Lint Free Disposable Towels
  • Complete instructions
  • Watch the Spindle Cleaning video

*Note: 40 Kit Pictured

A regular spindle maintenance program is key to ensuring optimal toolholder-to-spindle contact. Grease, oil, and debris build-up on the spindle surface inhibits full contact, leading to poor tool life, runout, and poor tolerances.

JMPP’s Spindle Cleaner kits provide everything you’ll need to remove debris build up before it becomes a problem. The cleaning tapers are made from anodized aluminum and will not collapse in the spindle during the cleaning process. Kits are available in 30, 40, 45, and 50 tapers, and include replaceable cleaning strips. The handy case makes moving from one machine to another convenient and efficient.

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