Retention Knobs

Retention knobs are the critical link between the tool and toolholder, and the machine spindle. Often undervalued, a retention knob is a precision tool made to specific standards. Using the wrong retention knob for a machine can result in poor milling results at the least, or damage to the machine, spindle, work piece, work holding, and tooling. The retention knob can also be the source of the most common milling problems: vibration and chatter, runout, poor finishes, non- repeatability, lengthy setup time, reduced tool life, and excessive spindle wear and tear. Is your shop experiencing any of these problems? You’re not alone. Our High Torque retention knobs are designed to eliminate these milling problems.

With increased draw bar forces, higher feed rates, faster tool changes, specialty tooling, and machining of exotic materials, the load demands on the retention knob is ever-increasing. JMPP’s retention knobs are manufactured to be the highest quality on the market. Tightly controlled processes and inspections provide complete traceability on every lot we manufacture. The threads on our knobs are cut to UNJ series with radius thread points for added knob strength, instead of roll-forming the threads. Manufactured to BT, DIN, ISO, CAT, and JIS standards, we inventory over 400 different styles of knobs in 30, 40, 45, 50, and 60 taper sizes. Do you have a special requirement? Contact our sales team for a quote.

What sets our knobs apart from our competition?

  • Made in the USA from hot rolled USA made 9310H or 8620H fine grain steel
  • Black oxided to prevent rust
  • Shot peened to relieve stress
  • Deburred for better finish
  • Radius corners for added strength and durability
  • Precision hard turned post heat treat

We spend the extra time and effort to deliver the best:

  • Finishes exceed International Standards
  • Written inspection records on every manufacturing lot
  • Laser marked with month/year of purchase to assist with time-in-service tracking (Retention Knob 101)
  • Laser marked with part number and serial number for traceability

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