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OBSOLETE-Standard retention knob, CAT40, 5/8-11, 45°; Solid, No Pilot-See JM31114AHS, JM31114AHT, JM31114AHTHS

Category: Retention Knobs
Thread Size: .625-11
Angle: 60
Knob Diameter: 0.589
L1 Length: 0.9880
L2 Length: 1.264
Flange Thickness: 0.234
Hole Diameter: -
Neck Diameter: 0.392
Pilot Diameter: -
Shoulder Diameter: 0.903
Wrench Flat Diameter: 0.743
Socket Part #: RKW40
Number: JM31114A-P
Coolant Version: JM31814AHT, JM31814AHTHS, JM32114ACHTHS(4), JM32142AHT - (4) Note difference in flange thickness size
Alternate Part: JM31114AHS, JM31114AHT, JM31114AHTHS, JM32114AHTHS(4) (4) Note difference in flange thickness size
Country of Origin: USA

This knob is a replacement for the following parts:

ManufacturerPart Number
Retention Knob Supply: RK311-14A
Seco: 1642
Techniks: 21003-60
Big Kaiser: P40T-2CH
Command: RB4E-0002
Davies: PS-532X60
Lyndex: C40S-6000
MSC: 84935022
Parlec: 4014TRK
For Machines (see disclaimer)*: Enshu, Hitachi-Seiko, Matsuura, Okuma

* Retention knobs are not interchangeable. Machines are only given as a reference, JMPP makes no guarantee this is the correct knob for your machine. Please call us at 1-800-322-7750 or email for knob identification help.

WARNING: The steel alloy used in this product contains chromium and nickel. This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium and nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to