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Product Information

Retention Knob Information and Installation

California Proposition 65
JM Performance Products Prop 65 Compliance letter

Product Guide
JM Performance Products complete product guide and descriptions.

High Torque Retention Knob Brochure
Info, selling points, and technical data about our High Torque Retention Knobs.

Installing Retention Knobs with O-Rings
For use with JM31617, JM31617HT, JM75022, and JM75022HT

Guide to Improving Tool Performance
An insert that accompanies our Product Guide with tips on how to improve your tooling performance

Taper Shank Test Fixture Instructions
View and print the complete operating instructions

Tooling Enhancement Guide

Hydraulic ClampForce Instructions

Spindle Cleaner Taper Restoration Instructions

RMA Form

Printable Return Material Authorization

Printable Manuals, Charts, ID Help

Retention Knob Identification Sheet
This sheet can be printed out and given to customers so they can request help with retention knob identification.

Torque Chart
A printable chart with retention knob tightening specifications

Care of Machine Spindles and Toolholders
A complete printable guide to machine spindles and toolholder care

Tool Studies

Makino Test Report
Test report from Makino R&D on our High Torque knobs.

Tool Study
When a customer is experiencing problems with excessive vibration, chatter, shortened tool life, poor finishes, boring accuracy and toolholder expansion is suspected, J&M will work with a customer to set up a toolholder study. These are the results for one Tools Study.

Additional Product Information

Torque Knob Performance Graph
This graph compares toolholder distortion using standard retention knobs vs J&M's high torque knob.

The Green Product Leader
The Green Product Leader is our brochure that shares customer testimonials about our High Torque Retention Knobs.  This is a great brochure to share with customers.

Haas Testimonials
Testimonials directly from Haas users, using our High Torque knobs.

Toolholder Test
6 simple steps to see if performance issues are being caused by your machine or tooling.

Common Tooling Symptoms
Common symptoms that indicate an underlying tooling problem.

Secret to Reshoring

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